Lana Louise

International Intuitive Psychic, Medium, Certified Hypnotist under NGH, Reiki Practitioner, Author, Instructor 

Hello! My name is Lana Louise.  I offer Phone, Whats App, International calls, or Zoom sessions, Spiritual classes and development.



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“Hi Lana, it was a real pleasure meeting you today. You are an incredibly lovely soul with the most beautiful infectious smile. You exude palpable amounts of love and this was a delightful experience. Indeed while being very very accurate and so helpful, I want to say your understanding and compassionate counsel has infinitely helped me get over the past issues and your insightful guidance has opened and filled my heart with peace and loving acceptance of the coming fulfillment of my Father’s time. It was wonderful hearing my Mother come through and your information was very accurate.  I realised as I awoke this morning the peace that is upon me. I can’t thank you enough Lana. I can thoroughly endorse and recommend your service to humanity.   Peace and Love from your new friend in Australia, Warren

Mediumship Session
Lana’s amazing gift of communicating with the deceased is unparalleled, as she brings through messages, validations and specific details from the spirits of those who have crossed over, proving that the soul lives on after death. Lana Louise has won the confidence of skeptics and believers alike.

With over a decade of reading professionally, she has helped thousands of people deal with the grief of losing loved ones by bringing through validations, evidential information and beautiful messages which heal and bring a sense of peace. Her gentle and direct delivery has earned her great recognition, along with a clientele that spans the globe.

Psychic, Intuitive Session

Lana’s transformational gifts allow her to Intuitively ‘shine a light’ into her clients energy system and illuminate their hidden and or dormant gifts and talents that their soul is here to share. Her unique and powerful gifts allow her to shift energetic patterns,  give suggestions thru her sessions , and create new patterns so that they can bring their divine gifts to the world along their journey in life.

Hypnosis Session

Lana’s Hypnosis Sessions are truly amazing, She has passion and dedication with each one of her clients. Being certified under the National Guild of Hypnosis that covers Nationally, Lana takes the time to customize each one her clients needs. Her biggest Passion is helping people how they can improve their lives empowering them to break through the obstacles holding them back from that growth.

Lana’s primary focus is to help others eliminate this suffering and amplify the their purpose and potential in life.  She’s excited and to start making the difference that she has always wanted to make with others. She can also scan your energetic field of your body and intuitively work with you prior to your session to see what is the root of the issue you would like to correct moving forward and making your goals .

Lana has helped many people nationally with her calming voice and powerful sessions.  Hypnosis sessions are through the screen video and can be a big help with stress and anxiety, You can be hypnotized  for a variety of reasons:. These include: to become more confident, to quit smoking, live in a more healthy manner , releasing weight and much more.

Lana ‘s visionary products include being an Author and Oracle card creator.  Lana has appeared as a guest on T.V and radio shows.

Lana Louise who was named “The Blessed Messenger” Heaven on Earth.

WHO I AM: A renowned Psychic Medium. 

“My biggest Mission is helping people. Since a young age of 5, I have seen, felt, heard, things and circumstances, that I couldn’t explain, and not being able to explain, I was frustrated. Seeing spirits and not knowing what on earth to make of it! In spite of the panic and fear I felt every time, I thought these experiences were “normal.

“Being afraid stopped me from being Who I Am.

At the age of 6 having a conversation with GOD, only confirmed more and him being my best friend.

I ignored my “Abilities” for a long time.

My path has not been easy, I wrote a lot since I was a teen, I was able to describe and feel everything on paper so that I didn’t have to tell anyone. Since then, it has helped me express myself and have a deeper connection with God, Spirit & Souls. I have always understood I was here on earth for a higher purpose. I connect in all aspects with spirit.  My love, passion and deeply caring for people grows more with every connection I make here on earth and with Spirit.
Having 3 near-death experiences I have seen and Believe there IS an afterlife. I’m not here to convince anyone of what I believe to be true.

I have studied with some of the top teachers in the field from the US to the UK, Ireland, Netherlands. At my events and in person I take you on a journey beyond the physical realm serve spirit and supporting you with a calm presence.

Most of my time is spent offering Psychic, Mediumship, Hypnosis Sessions, Events, Classes, Writing and Traveling to different parts of the world.

Most of all helping people finding peace and comfort. My mission is to reach as many people around the globe in some way of kindness and compassion while I am on this earth.”


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“Love Never Dies”


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