Raena Wilson

Spiritual Healer, Embodiment Coach offering Shamanic Healing, Energy Work, Somatic & Trauma Recovery Coaching, Psychic Readings, Journey Divinations & Healings, Expressive Arts & Conscious Movement, Breathwork, Dreamwork, Spiritual Guidance

As a spiritual healer, Rev. Raena Wilson supports others to access, integrate, and express the deep callings of their Wild Soul, to walk more in the exquisite beauty of their Power, Love, and Wisdom.

Trained and initiated by Spirit since young, Raena has learned to navigate by dreams, visions, signs, and guidance through various channels. She also trained in various holistic, vibrational, and energy healing arts, working with Peruvian and Native American shaman, teachers in the lines of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and the Four Winds, priestesses, spiritual teachers and healers, as well as trained formally in trauma-informed, body-centered healing approaches, yoga dance, and life coaching. She comes from an Ilokano, Pangasinan Filipino family lineage of spiritually gifted healers, seers, mediums, herbalists, and other such gifts. She expresses multiple of the varying gifts in her family lineage in her Being this lifetime. She is babaylan-inspired—or “mystical woman” in the Philippines—one who serves multiply as priestess, healer, counselor, sage, seer, warrior, and lifelong learner who increasingly expands her capacity to weave Divine, nature, and human consciousnesses, to create peace and well-being.

Raena’s work with clients weaves her experience in shamanic service, energy healing, and embodiment coaching. It is neuro, sensory, and trauma-informed, as well as Spirit, heart, and body-informed guidance. She supports others to re-attune to their innate body and energy wisdom, to know and trust themselves in an embodied and integrated way. She works vibrationally and energetically, meeting her clients where they are at with deep listening and heart-centered connection, facilitating their movement towards empowerment, clarity, and direction. Her approach is any combination of visioning and vibrational practices, dreamwork, channeling/oracular work, breathwork, meditation, somatic inquiry and dialog, subtle energy healing, conscious movement, and expressive arts and movement. Right-brained, body-centered, and intuitive processes are engaged to deepen the client’s self-knowing, healing, and integration.

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How I work:

My approach is a weaving of my experience in shamanic service, energy healing, and expressive somatic coaching. It is neuro, sensory and trauma-informed, as well as spirit, heart, and body-informed guidance.In facilitating healing and intuitive readings, I meet people at the heart of the matter presenting in the moment, in whatever dimension that may come forward: physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually. Any healing modalities offered is to reflect a safely supported container that opens one’s awareness to an experience of their core Self absent the conditionings of the mind, as well as an awareness of whatever has blocked their vitality. With these knowings, the healing and transformation is in being met there, while expanding the client’s capacity to be with whatever experience may arise, whether challenge or opportunity.


• Discovery and reflection of insights unique to you and your path
• Healings of any cellular holdings of trauma within any of your body, heart, mind fields
• Release of any patterns of stress or pain
• Deeper integration and connection to your intuition
• Increased flexibility within your nervous system and feeling experience
• Increased capacity to express your gifts and truth
• More energy to live into what has meaning for you!

Who generally comes to see me:

• People with an inner calling to “something more”
• Empaths and Highly Sensitive People
• Creatives, caregivers, and healers
• People who need a witness and connection to their “other-worldliness” and the gifts that come with that
• People with chronic pain
• People with persistent dysregulation due to sensory processing differences, stress, or trauma
• People who want movement—change—in their lives to bring forth their vibrant, creative spirit

How I can help:

• Shamanic Healing, Clearing, and Visioning
• Vibrational and Subtle Energy Healing, Alignment
• Somatic coaching—Embodiment and Integrative healing
• Inspirited Sol Breathwork
• Shamanic Dreamwork, Journeywork
• Conscious and Expressive Movement, Expressive Arts processes
• Psychic readings, Oracular work, and Channeling on your behalf
• Design & Destiny readings—my own synergy of Cardology, Human Design, and Gene Keys to astrologically understand your blueprint, energy anatomy, and how to best meet opportunities and challenges in life
• Practical Empowerment—Guidance to be your own shaman, teaching self-attunement, and engaging your senses, imaginings, intuition—your sense of magic and the mythic—to develop and express your soul gifts


Raena gave me a reading that was multi-faceted in her approach. She used her many gifts to tap into a couple of questions that I had, and gave me so much inspiring and useful feedback! I have been to many “psychics” in my lifetime, but Raena’s gifts go way beyond the tarot card reader at the fair. She is always attuned, in touch, downloading universal information, and her accuracy is astounding. After my time with Raena, I felt so much more clear about my questions, and had some clear steps to take towards reaching my goals.
Jennifer, ME

Raena is a true shaman – a rare combination of strength, sight, wisdom, intuition, and sensitivity. She holds a gentle and supportive space for sensing into the deeper subconscious patterns that had been inaccessible for me to unpack on my own. She is a master in peaceful navigation of what arises in each moment. I highly recommend her work to anyone on a path of self-inquiry, and transformation.
Rob, NH

Raena is a gifted Seer. She can see into the patterns of your life and connect them to the longing and mission of your own soul, and to the universe. On multiple occasions, I have asked her to look into specific life situations of mine, and her insight has been spot on and very useful. She is open-hearted and neutral and gentle in her way.
Jim, MA

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