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We are all so glad to have you here. This is a meeting place. A gathering spot. As New Hampshire Metaphysical, we bring our best to you each fair weekend to create a synergy of healing and growth. We believe this ripples out into the world and can be felt throughout humanity.

May we encourage you to stop and sink into why you are here. Why did you click the link? What words did you type on the screen that brought you here?

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about what is being offered during the upcoming fair. It is helpful to come and look knowing what you are seeking. Whether it is the type of service you are interested in, or if you have a sense of the type of practitioner you wish to work with, it can help direct you while you look through these pages. (Hint: You can discover more about many of the practitioners by visiting our directory.)

For instance, you can be seeking direction on where your path is set to take you at this time and may find a tarot reading more helpful than a Reiki session. Perhaps you desire to spend time connecting in mediumship with loved ones who have passed. Let your desires guide you.

Pre-booking is recommended as time slots may sell out!

2023 Fair Dates

March 3 - 5

May 19 -21

July 21 - 23

September 22 - 24

November 3 - 5

December 29 - 31

  • Ashley Olstein
  • Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
  • Ginger Hendry
  • Rachel Merrill
  • Dr. Rev. Nancy Smith
  • Catharine Grace
  • Dr. Courtney Pellegrino

Solstice Intuitive Arts

Fair special discounted rate: 25% off of any service

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Hi, I'm Ashley Olstein. Some of the things Spirit helps me with are eclectic psychic mediumship readings, Angelic Reiki healing and channeling art. My favorite thing to do is to help people see what their soul truly wants for them and for them to step into their own highest and best potential.

I work with spirit to bring healing and messages to each recipient. Sometimes the messages come through as information that the soul wants known in this moment. Sometimes it's in the form of words from loved ones and ancestors who have passed on. Everything brought through is in the form of love and in the highest and best good for the recipient.

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Dr Kevin Ross Emory New Hampshire Metaphysical Psychic Fair

"Everything Psychic" Sessions, Medical Intuitive, Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Coach

Fair special discounted rate: $45.00 for each 15 minutes.

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An “Everything Psychic” session Dr. Kevin goes into sacred space and asks for that information and those energies which are in your highest and best good. What unfolds may include: Medical Intuitive, Past Life, glimpses into the future, insights into present situations or even insights and healing of unresolved issues from your past. Rate is $45/15 min.

SESSIONS: In person, by phone and by Zoom/or Skype
More Information @

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Animal Communication

Fair special 

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Akashic Record Readings & Goddess Isis Channeling

RACHEL20 discount code for 20% off Akashic Records Readings or Goddess Isis Channelings

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Rachel is a Reiki Master, Certified Holistic Life Coach, witch, psychic medium, singer, writer, wife, mom, and stepmom. She specializes in reading the Akashic records and Goddess Isis channelings.

Akashic Records Readings involve potentially accessing your past lifetimes, present answers, and future possibilities. You may also experience mediumship or contact with a loved one who has passed. You are essentially accessing all energy and information linked to your life. Goddess Isis channelings are divine messages directly from her.

Use the NHM Digital Fair booking option:

Soul Art sessions from Akashic Records of your Soul

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Dr. Rev. Nancy Smith CM is a spirit artist and certified medium. Award winning Author, Artist Teacher, and reader "Through readings, lectures and classes, in partnership with Spirit, Nancy teaches people how to connect with the higher, loving essence of Spirit. Through facilitating a connection with their loved one in spirit, spiritual healing is inevitable, opening us up to see, feel and create a life of love and joy and peace." Using direct connection to Spirit, angel cards, as well as sketching on paper, Nancy will tell you what your Soul wants you to know now.

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Connecting with Catharine

Fair prices are $80 for an hour and $50 for half hour.

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For the past 12 years I have been an animal communicator and Reiki master. I have studied with many well known teachers including Danielle McKinnon and Tony Stockwell. I have also taught animal communication classes myself.

I provide animal communication, mediumship, medical intuitive as well as Reiki for animals and people. Let me help you deepen your bond with your animal companion and I can tell you what your animal needs most from you. I work with all types of animals from dogs and cats as well as birds and horses.

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Nouveau Nuit Psychic Services

Fair special discounted rate: $45.00 for each 15 minutes.

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Dr. Courtney Pellegrino has 30 years experience as a psychic and medium. She has worked with cold cases involving missing and deceased persons. Courtney holds a Doctorate of Education (Northeastern) and a PhD in Metaphysical Humanistic Science. She is a 2nd degree Priestess of the Cabot Kent Temple of Salem, Mass.

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