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Psychic, Medium, Medical Intuitive, Trance Channel, Spiritual Catalyst, Past Life Channel, Spiritual Coach & Counselor, Business Catalyst, ADD/ADHD expert. BOOK  YOUR PRIVATE SESSION NOW "Everything...

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Karma Queen Reiki & Guidance, M.Ed.,LMHC., Reiki Master, Spiritual Energy Healer, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Medium, Licensed Therapist  Amber owner and operator of Karma Queen...

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Mediumship, Intuitive Psychic Readings, Animal Communicator, Tarot Reader, Finder of Lost Pets Mari Cartagenova is an internationally known Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator and best-selling author with...

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Psychic Medium, Spirit Artist, Akashic Record Practitioner & Healer Nancy Smith, Akashic Medium, author, and spiritual mentor, is a gifted psychic medium who helps people connect to...

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Animal Communicator, Psychic Intuitive, Akashic Record Practitioner  Ginger offers 15, 30- and 55-minute Animal Communication and Intuitive readings via phone or Zoom. To schedule a reading with...

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Spiritual Healer, Embodiment Coach offering Shamanic Healing, Energy Work, Somatic & Trauma Recovery Coaching, Psychic Readings, Journey Divinations & Healings, Expressive Arts & Conscious Movement,...

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Eclectic Psychic Medium readings, Soul readings, Channeled Artist, Intuitive Tarot and Oracle card readings, Usui Holy Fire III Master Reiki Practitioner, and Trance Medium and...

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Psychic Medium (Akashic records) readings; Tarot and Oracle readings; Chumpi Cuyas (Incan healing from Peru); Reiki Master Rachel Merrill, author of I Sang Anyway: A...

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Anne Russo Quinn
Anne is an astrologer and tarot reader of over 25 years and intuitive psychic since childhood. Let her show you how to navigate the stars and consult the tarot to find love, achieve success, and help you reach your full potential. Using astrology as your guide, you can navigate the influences of the planets and stars...
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as they relate to your unique astrological birth chart, enabling you to make the most of your life by taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities that are all around you. Consulting the tarot, Anne can provide you with the insight and understanding that will empower you to make informed choices about any area of your life and to help you to find your true path to happiness and abundance.
Kim Blanchette, ED.D., CMC
Astrology is our map for evolutionary transformation. Kim compassionately guides clients to live intentionally and consciously through astrology. Astrology By Kim - Astrology, Life Guidance UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL My goal is to help you live your best life through becoming more aware of your innate talent and birth right potential. Together, we will discover the tools available to you within your natal chart and how you can leverage them through the integration.....
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and balance of your astrological energy. PROFESSIONALISM AND EXPERIENCE At my core, I am an educator and life-long learner. Presently, I mentor with the brilliantly gifted and soul nurturing astrologer, Nancy Fantozzi and study through Astrology University learning from many talented astrologers. I’m an Apprentice Practitioner of Evolutionary Astrology with the Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology and working towards my Master-level certification. My background includes over twenty five years in higher education. I have a doctorate in educational leadership (Ed.D.) and am a Certified Master Coach (CMC). In all my educational and professional experience, I have found no better tool for increased self-awareness and empowerment than astrology. I find great happiness and fulfillment helping you discover yourself more fully and how best to take care of yourself while you venture on your journey of personal growth and development. HOW WE BEGIN Our journey together begins with a natal chart reading for you where we build a foundation from which to build upon through current events and relationship readings. If you are interested in learning more, connect with me today for a complimentary initial call. (603) 236-6096 Astrology By Kim – Astrology, Life Guidance
Catharine Grace
Catharine has been providing animal communication and mediumship for more than ten years. She was trained as a Reiki master at the Arlington Reiki Association in 2009 and studied animal communication with her mentor Danielle Mackinnon as well as Amelia Kinkade and mediumship with Lauren Rainbow and Tony Stockwell. She has taught animal communication at Aquarius Sanctuary..
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Catharine is clairvoyant and is clairaudient. She uses all the 6 clairs when she tunes into an animal. With deep respect and compassion Catharine creates a link between an animal and their companion to help understand what the animal is experiencing and wants to communicate. This allows working on unresolved issues or just checking in on how the animal is doing emotionally, spiritually and physically. She is able to do detailed body scans of an animal and can provide drawings of what she sees for her clients. Mediumship and psychic services for people is also available. You can find more information at her website or you can email directly to Services are available on the phone or on zoom or in person in Eastern MA.
Stone Riley
Stone RileyTarot Reader, Spirit Medium, Past Life Coach, Aura
Scholar, Teacher, Fairy Worker, Author, Poet, Painter, Classical Storyteller, Nature Worshiper, Shaman. Tarot reading is my most-requested skill, using a deck the client can directly talk with if desired. In any case, my Tarot method, which I can teach you, is to read the pictures and listen for their voices. Second most-requested is Aura Cleansing, done with Auric Hands and Awakened Chi, and sometimes Sacred Blessing. Third most-requested is Spirit Mediumship; meeting a departed loved one in compassion and respect. Perhaps I was deliberately re-born in this age of great suffering, in order to help. That would explain why psychic and related arts have come so suddenly and easily to me, as if first taught in an earlier life. Then in this lifetime, beyond the transformation of Shamanic ecstasy, it's all been fructified by the mixing of Yoga and Paganism in America in our time. I've documented this deep journey in a few books.
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