Orange Citrine Cluster Pendant


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Size: 1.75″x1.1″x.45″aprox
Includes: Tan Suede Necklace and Gift Bag.
The Citrine Cluster Pendants are gold metal plated and measure approximately 1.8″ to 2″ from the top of the swinging bail to the bottom of the pendant. They differ in size, color and shape since it is a natural stone. The color goes from light amber to brown. 
The citrine is a very popular stone known for its metaphysical properties. Citrine is an amazing crystal because it doesn’t hold negative energy. Rather, it transmutes it to positive. Thus, it never needs cleaned or cleared. It can also be used in spells, healing or meditation to change negative energy into positive. Citrine is called The Merchant Stone because it is a powerful stone to attract prosperity and success. Place citrine in your safe, cash register or money bag to increase business. It not only attracts wealth, it helps one maintain it. Citrine stimulates the mental focus and commitment to the task at hand. Citrine is believed to enhance the intuition and the connection with the higher self. It raises one’s mood and encourages happiness and laughter. Citrine can be used to clear the aura. It can stabilize the emotions and calm anger and frustration. It is a good stone to use for manifesting your desires. Citrine may help remove fears, overcome nightmares and encourage a good night’s sleep.