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If you are struggling with a problem and need somebody to help you get to a better place, the first place you will want to go to is New Hampshire Metaphysical because when somebody feels stuck in their life, they’re looking for a way forward, and NHM will guide you in the right direction.


We are passionate about helping people recognize their unique self.  We believe you are truly beautiful, and spirit doesn’t make mistakes.  We get most excited about the process of empowering people to be uniquely who they are without apology.   “You don’t need to apologize for being you!”  is something that Dr. Kevin is always saying.

Kevin Ross Emery is one of the two owners of New Hampshire Metaphysical (NHM).  He brings the right practitioners to the right seekers, whether for private one-on-one services, classes, or entire course studies, to move them forward on their spiritual path.

A seeker is looking to develop themselves spiritually, mentally, and emotionally to become who they are here to be.  They are seeking their greater truths.  They are seeking what they feel their soul has called them to do in this lifetime.  At NHM, we help them take the journey.  People come to us from the whole spectrum, from those just seeking some psychic insights for fun to those looking for information to make better decisions.

People are looking to answer, “What is my soul’s purpose?” or “How do I let go of something holding me back?”  They know there is a greater self within themselves, but they don’t know how to get there.  At NHM, we put the seekers and the healers, teachers, and practitioners into the same space to answer these questions.  Kevin is one of the spiritual teachers and healers but not the only one.  We have many different teachers and healers that will help people move forward on their path.  We feel it’s essential that the seeker works with the practitioner they’re drawn to.  

There’s a process that seekers may follow to find the right practitioner for them at the time.  They may follow us on social media or read our newsletter.  They come to the site and read about the practitioners.  They can also interact with them at different events and decide whom they’re drawn to for their desired services.


New Hampshire Metaphysical (NHM) has been around for about a decade now.  Julie Ann Gadziala founded NHM.  Her brick-and-mortar center offered classes and put on psychic fairs and psychic message circles.  As a spiritual teacher, she wanted to bring in people looking to move forward on their spiritual path.  She was eventually called to other pursuits.  However, she wanted to see NHM taken to the next level.  So she approached Kevin to buy the business because she knew he had the connections, support, tools, skills, and resources to help it grow into a more prominent HOLISTIC HUB.

To survive the pandemic, NHM became an online business.  Kevin’s brand is well-established and brought in a new set of teachers and a new set of seekers to bring it to that next level.  In addition, we have plans to develop an app to offer people on-demand psychic readings as part of NHM’s offerings.

We now have a metaphysical online store so people can purchase crystals, books, jewelry, and more.  There is an emphasis on local artists, local jewelry makers, and local authors that you’ll only be able to find in our store.  People from all over the world can come here and get to experience what they can’t where they currently live.

Are you committed to your spiritual growth and looking for tools, skill sets, and insights to accomplish the growth you desire?

We are passionate about helping people recognize their unique self.  We believe you are truly beautiful, and spirit doesn’t make mistakes.  We get most excited about the process of empowering people to be uniquely who they are without apology.   “You don’t need to apologize for being you!”  is something that Kevin is always saying.

Our Staff

Kevin Ross Emery
Kevin Ross EmeryOwner
Kevin began professional psychic work in the 1970s and has an undergraduate degree in business and psychology and a Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Divinity.
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For years he taught at an MBA level boot camp for entrepreneurs and has helped many businesses launch and others to grow. He has had his own spiritually based business for 32 years, as a Spiritual coach, counselor, catalyst, teacher, speaker, medical intuitive, and psychic. He has had a radio show (The Dr. Kevin Show) for 16 years, has a podcast (Laughing, Loving, and Alive), had two different TV shows, and ran the Web of Light Expo. Kevin has over 20 books, CDs, and DVDs out on the market. His focus is currently on Self-Mastery Level Classes.
Elmer Howard
Elmer HowardOwner
Award-winning independent filmmaker Elmer J. Howard is a Maine native. Changing the world one production at a time is his motto and how he chooses which films to bring to life.
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Elmer has a passion and a gift for telling stories through a visual medium. Making a positive impact on his audience by getting them to think and challenge their beliefs while entertaining them fuels his passion. Elmer has owned and operated Dollars & Sense Bookkeeping since 2015 where he not only handles the finances and taxes for businesses but also offers outsourced CFO services and business administration. He has worked with Dr. Kevin managing his myriad businesses since 2009. He has successfully managed the expos that Web of Light put on for many years, as well as their brick and mortar store the Wei Chi Shop in Haverhill, MA.
Mindi Getz
Mindi GetzOffice Goddessinfo@nhmetaphysical.com
Hello everyone! I am the mama behind the scenes making sure everyone eats their vegetables and puts commas where they belong. I also do my best to make things pretty.
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If it comes in an email, shows up on the website, or otherwise is beamed into your phone, I probably had something or a lot to do with it. I am a multi-passionate freedompreneur and homeschooling mama to one rainbow baby who turns 6 in 2022. You might also see me around the practitioner pages or the calendar because I also do serve others with Earthly & Etheric tools.
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